The Law Firm of David Chapin

David Chapin

david chapinA native of Houston, David Chapin has been committed for the past 15 years to serving those citizens who have been injured or wronged. David grew up in a working class neighborhood and understands the hardships that many people endure when they have been injured or been the victim of an insurance company or service provider failing to do the right thing. Standing up for those people is his passion.

Before beginning his career in law, David had a first career as a professional sportswriter. He covered the Houston Oilers as a daily beat writer for six years, and also covered Super Bowls and championship series in major league baseball and the NBA as well as the annual “March Madness” of the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament.

David fell back on his sportswriting experience while working as a clerk for a law firm while attending law school. The firm registered with the NFL as a sports agency, and David, while still a first-year and second-year law student, negotiated contracts for two NFL draft choices and several free agents. But he also worked on complex personal injury cases while a law clerk, and David focused on that area of the law when he graduated law school and became licensed to practice in Texas 15 years ago.


“In every case, I am driven to uncover that obscure piece of evidence or that rule of law that is not normally applied under the circumstances. Doing this has produced some of my most meaningful results for my clients.

“While attending college, I worked various summer jobs. I worked a shutdown at a petrochemical refinery cleaning the cat cracking towers; I operated a jackhammer and broke up concrete, laid rebar, and poured new slabs; I worked in a plant that manufactured 55-gallon drums, and I loaded them into trucks. I worked as a janitor for a school district. I’m familiar with working in these environments, and it motivates me to serve my clients.

“You have to be creative to get justice for your clients in today’s legal climate, and that is what I strive to do every day.”